Monday, December 1, 2008

2008 Brochure Version 2

We ran out of the first brochure even before the exhibition started and we had to print again. I thought, why not redesign the entire thing except the text. This is what came out; probably my best design till date. We got rave reviews by lot of people for this brochure. The printer though messed it up by printing on a thinner paper. Except the two pictures of lamps in black and purple backgrounds (pics by G.H. Lakshmi Venkatesh), all other photographs are by me.


Anonymous said...

Dear RG and Raghu,

trust the deepa soundarya exhibition and related activities were a grand success. the tri-fold brochure is simply beautiful and informative. your service to enhance citizen's understanding of our culture and traditions is a worthy effort. i am proud to say that i know you!

with best regards,

Tirupalavanam Ganesh

Anand said...

The brochure is simply amazing and very attractive indeed. Infact this kind of effort is very much needed now-a-days to attract the new generation to our self illuminating traditional values. Keep up the good work!