Friday, October 23, 2015

Deepa Soundarya 2015 Brochure

In the timeless eons past, darkness reigned. The Devas and the Danavas, aghast at the Avidya resounding everywhere plumb the Oceans to seek succor. They harness the very Mount Mandara with Vasuki as a rope and they churn the vast turbulent ocean. In the frothy waves, there rises from the dark abyss, 'Sri' Herself.

She is Mahalakshmi, the four-armed deity of celestial beauty glowing resplendent like a lamp. A lotus of a thousand petals is her seat. Two of her hands holds aloft a lotus each. Another cradles a pot of gold that spills over while the fourth makes the eternal gesture of conferring boons. With the effulgent Goddess also rise other celestial beings. There is Airavata, the celestial steed Ucchaishravas, the all-sustaining Kamadhenu, the sacred Kalpavriksha and Dhanavantri and the moon, Chandra.

The Trinity, Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara along with Narada and other Rishis stare wonderstruck at this cosmic phenomena. The Goddess, Lakshmi is glowing and sparkling from the countless jewels that adorn her from head to foot.  Thus Sri, now Mahalakshmi, now Lakshmi, now Divya Sundari, by her very presence lights every corners of the Universe.

This tale is a reflection of how darkness can be dispelled through Vidya which Divya Sundari as a celestial lamp bestows on the devout.
An extension of this Puranic tale is the lighting of lamps on Deepavali to symbolically cast out the darkness within us.

Deepa Soundarya brings back the magic of Deepavali in this celebration of the light, peace and prosperity. Here are lamps, hundreds of them in every form, shape, color from the length and breadth of the country. Come, let us celebrate the festival of lights!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Colourful Lamps at Deepa Soundarya 2013

Deepa Soundarya 2013 - Inauguration

Deepa Soundarya 2013 was inaugurated by Member of Legislative Assembly of Krishnaraja Constituency, Mysore, Sri M.K. Somashekhar on Friday 25 October 2013 at 6.45 pm. Following are the photographs from the function. All photographs by Sri G.H. Lakshmi Venkatesh (Chikkappa).

Sri Lakshmi at the entrance of Deepa Soundarya 2013

Sri D. Ram Singh, Chairman, Ramsons Kala Pratishtana (RKP) welcoming the chief guest Sri M.K. Somashekhar

A word with Sri M.B. Singh, Executive Trustee, RKP

Raghu Dharmendra, Curator, RKP, explaining about the Vruksha Deepa

Rohan Singh, Rangoli Srikanth and Murali accompany the MLA on the tour of Deepa Soundarya

Deepada Malli decked up for the inauguration

Lighting the lamp to mark the inauguration of Deepa Soundarya 2013 by Sri M.K. Somashekhar

A good word to the media by MLA

Felicitations to MLA by Sri D. Ram Singh

Sri M.B. Singh garlands the chief guest