Friday, October 31, 2008

Welcoming the Goddess of Prosperity

Well known artist B.K.S. Varma has created this beautiful painting to extoll the importance of the festival of lights 'Deepavali'. A gracious lady adorned in a silk saree and all auspicious things like bangles, finger rings, necklaces, coloured nails, fragrant jasmine strings, ear rings, red bindi, hair ornament and a nose pin is lighting the five petalled bronze lamp stand (deepada kambha) which has an idol of goddess Gaja Lakshmi seated on the lotus at the summit. Her son and daughter are praying with their hands folded. Dancing fire crackers have lit up the dark background.

It is believed that goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity, comes into the home which welcomes her by lighting a lamp. The artist has beautifully depicted this concept in this painting - goddess Lakshmi, holding two diyas in her hands, is seen descending from the heavens onto the lamp.

Artist: B.K.S. Varma
Medium: Water colour on paper
Collection: Ramsons Kala Pratishtana

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